iPad 2: quit whining already

Unless you live in a hut in the Sahara somewhere, you probably already know the iPad 2 is coming in a week. I keep running across articles that bemoan this or that feature that they hoped for but didn’t get. Some of it really makes me roll my eyes.

Retina Display

This would be awesome. And I bet Apple would do it, if people would pay $699 for the base model. So… no. Check back next year.

Stereo speakers

Really? You’re confused about this? Let’s review how stereo works. You have a right channel and a left channel. You use them to create an illusion that is targeted to the right and left ears of the listener. Let’s review how the iPad works. You hold it in any orientation as you see fit. Now, where exactly do you suggest we put the “left” and “right” speakers?


Oh, sure. 10gb/s I/O wouldn’t kill the battery at all. Especially because, like USB, it can power connected devices.

4G/LTE wireless

Really? Okay, so people in the ten square miles of the US with 4G/LTE coverage would be happy, and everybody else would think the iPad sucks.