Porcelain engineering

Tonight I had dinner at a downtown restaurant called The Greenhouse Tavern. They use locally-sourced ingredients, organic foods, and are into recycling and so on. I can get behind all of that.

But here’s what struck me most: their bathroom. Yes, yes, I know, I’m hopeless. Bear with me.

First, the toilet. As described to the user via a small plaque on the wall, there are two buttons on top. You push the button corresponding to your (ahem) deposit. The toilet will use more or less water to flush depending on your choice. Or, if you don’t want to touch anything, it will attempt to divine which way to go based on how long you took. Here is a toilet that thinks.

Did I mention there’s a solar panel on top? There’s another on top of the sink faucet. I can’t imagine they see much sunlight.

Speaking of light, it’s controlled by a motion sensor, so you can’t forget to turn it off when you leave.

The hand dryer has a spout at the bottom, on which is a sticker reading, “Feel the Power.” I smirked and thought “What idiot decided to put that stupid sticker there?” And then, I put my hands beneath it and felt the power. This machine must have put out three times the air velocity of your typical hand dryer. It was a wall-mounted jet engine.

Bravo, Chef Sawyer. Your staff are great; your food is fantastic; your bathroom, sir, is well-engineered.